Leave the Digging to a Pro

Benefit from professional excavation services in Galena, OH and the Columbus Area

Excavation is no DIY job. It requires careful planning and the right equipment. Before you consider taking on an excavation project, keep in mind that the equipment rental will not be cheap, and the job will not be easy. Save yourself time, money and energy by scheduling excavation services from Larry Dore & Associates based in Galena, OH.

Whether you require excavation services for an underground utility installation or a pond installation project, an experienced excavator will use the right equipment to deliver outstanding results.

Find a skilled excavator in Galena, OH today to bury the burden of digging.

Choose a rock-solid exaction company

When you hire Dore & Associates for your excavation project, you won't be disappointed. Our contractors have years of experience and know what kind of equipment will be necessary for your project. We are equipped to handle:

  • Pond digging projects
  • Concrete footer projects
  • Drain installations
  • Gas line installations
  • Water line installations
  • Electrical system installations

Leave the dirty work to us. Call now to schedule excavation services in Galena, OH.