Lawn Seeding/Installation

Take Your Yard From Bland to Grand

Improve your grass by arranging for lawn seeding service in Galena & Sunbury, OH & Surrounding Areas

Is your landscape lowering your property value? When you have a lackluster lawn, it makes for overall poor curb appeal and can be quite an eyesore.

If you’re not sure where to get started with your lawn care, get in touch with a professional who can provide lawn installation or lawn seeding service. Call Dore & Associates today to get a free estimate on your lawn installation in Galena, Sunbury, or the Great Columbus Area. You’ll soon be enjoying a healthier, greener lawn.

Prep Your Lawn For Perfection

When you hire Larry Dore & Associates for lawn seeding service, all you’ll have to do is sit back and wait for your grass to grow. During the process, we will:

Prep the soil:
We’ll loosen the topsoil and remove any rocks or sticks.
Spread fertilizer:
We’ll cover the newly seeded area with the proper fertilizer.
Plant new seeds:
We’ll lay the new seeds by hand across your lawn evenly.
Cover the seeds:
We’ll use a quality mulch to cover the newly seeded areas.
Don’t neglect your lawn’s needs any longer. Contact us today to schedule lawn seeding service in Galena, Sunbury, OH or the Greater Columbus Area.

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When you hire us for commercial snow plowing or concrete installation services in Galena and Sunbury OH, you’ll be working with a locally owned company that truly cares about the safety of our community.

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