Reasons For Home and Business Owners to Hire Larry Dore & Associates For General Construction In Central, Ohio

Regardless of the project, construction work is engaging and requires specialized skills and equipment to ensure quality and accurate results. Therefore, instead of trying DIY execution, businesses and homeowners should hire professional general construction companies.

General contractors play crucial roles in overseeing construction, remodeling, or renovation projects, ensuring they are completed safely, efficiently, and according to regulations. Some people fear hiring contractors because of the fear of huge fees but below are the reasons working with Larry Dore & Associates is worth it.

Expertise and experience

General contractors at Larry Dore & Associates have extensive, specialized knowledge in the construction industry. They have also undergone rigorous training to help them practice and perfect the learned knowledge and sharpen their skills.

They know the complexities they might encounter in projects and the best ways to solve them. They also have an extensive understanding of different construction materials, techniques, and trends, allowing them to suggest execution based on your budget and preferences.

In addition, they have superior project management skills that allow them to coordinate different construction aspects effectively and efficiently. These include communication, scheduling, and budgeting, which contribute to timely and quality project completion.

Cost savings

Unlike what many people believe, working with general contractors helps save money in the long run. Their fleet of appropriate machinery and equipment, plus extensive expertise, ensure that they avoid costly mistakes during the project.

They also have a large network of suppliers for different materials and machinery, allowing them to negotiate better deals. That way, they can transfer the cost savings to clients. Larry Dore & Associates also offers discounts and offers using different criteria, adding to the cost savings.

Time efficiency

When you hire Larry Dore & Associates general contractors, among the first things they do before they start working is create a project scope and schedule. That allows them to break down the project into smaller tasks and allocate timelines, allowing for proper time management.

The scope also allows them to understand how much workforce and machinery they need to complete the project on time. The lack of errors also helps with time efficiency.


Having worked in general construction for years, Larry Dore & Associates' professionals understand the risks and have effective measures to mitigate them. They have learned how to operate the machinery and equipment safely without injuries or property damage.

They also understand the necessary safety gear to wear, like gloves, boots, goggles, helmets, safety harnesses, etc.

Wide Service Offering

General construction projects involve a lot of tasks like plumbing, concrete, roofing, etc. Larry Dore & Associates have professionals who are well-versed in many of the tasks, meaning clients have numerous solutions under one roof. Some services from Larry Dore & Associates include concrete services, commercial snow removal, and excavating services.

That helps save time and effort they would have used to shop around for other companies. If the company does not have experts for a particular task, they can outsource from their extensive network. Larry Dore & Associates also offers follow-up services like maintenance, repairs, and replacements.


Before Larry Dore & Associates begin any project, they offer clients a contract outlining the project's scope, timeline, budget, materials, payment methods, and risk mitigation efforts. That way, clients can hold them accountable if they do anything against the contract.

The professionals also understand the necessary permits and regulations for different projects. In addition, they have general liability insurance to protect clients from injuries or property damage during the project.