Need Commercial Snow Removal Services: Call Larry Dore & Associates

There are three little words one can always count on to get a central Ohioan's attention fast in the winter months: Storm Weather Watch.

Snow, and plenty of it, in the winter is a given in the Buckeye state. And smart business owners know they need to have a reliable snow plowing company lined up well in advance to keep their lots clear and their employees, customers, and other visitors safe. They know they need a company with ample, large snow removal equipment, including dump trucks, skid steers and payloaders. They know they need a company that's available 24/7. That's why Central Ohio businesses count on Larry Dore & Associates to handle all their snow clearing needs.

Hospital and Medical Facilities

Every business and commercial use needs to keep their lots clear, but it's even more essential when those uses are needed to stay open around the clock. Ordinary excursions like going to the grocery store, the hairdresser, or the laundromat all can wait in a snowstorm, but if a serious injury or ailment happens, people need to be able to get to a hospital or medical facility for immediate care.

Hospitals and medical facilities in Central Ohio know they can count on Larry Dore & Associates to stay on top of even the worst of storms and keep lots safe and accessible for patients, staff, visitors as well as for emergency vehicles. This includes keeping walkways free and clear of ice to prevent slips and falls. Larry Dore & Associates boasts not only a crew with top-notch experience and ample snow removal equipment, but also a proven record of reliability.

Business Parks, Shopping Centers, Grocery Stores, and More

Wouldn't it be wonderful to schedule snowstorms, so they only happen on days when businesses are closed for the weekend or on off hours? Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Central Ohio commercial property owners know that down time from a snowstorm is lost time. If business is going to be interrupted, they want it to be as brief as possible. They need their lots and walkways cleared quickly so activity can resume quickly.

Contracting snowplowing with Larry Dore & Associates is a Central Ohioan business's best protection against a long, protracted closure. They get moving fast and tackle the job quickly. And if it's a particularly challenging storm? They have the resources to call in extra personnel on short notice.

Larry Dore & Associates can also keep their eye on the ice for you and put down salt whenever and wherever needed. A full-service snow removal company, they don't stop until the job is done.

Protect Your Reputation with Larry Dore & Associates

Keeping a commercial lot clear of ice and snow isn't just a matter of keeping people safe. It's not just about keeping a business open. A commercial or business property owner that keeps its lot free of ice and snow also sends a message to the wider community that they care about everyone's safety and want to do their part. Neglecting to do so sends the wrong message.

Larry Dore & Associates has a reputation for excellent and reliable service, and their team strives to maintain that reputation as well with each customer they serve.