Call Larry Dore & Associates for Septic System Installation & Repair Services in Central Ohio!

Whether you're breaking ground on a new home or a new commercial property in Central Ohio, Larry Dore & Associates can help you with that all-important septic system installation. And with 35 years in the industry, you can rest assured they'll be around long into your future to help maintain or repair your system should the need arise.

Septic System Installation

A conventional septic system with a tank and gravel leach field is the typical way to go for most new homes and businesses, and the experienced team members at Larry Dore & Associates are proficient at handling complete installations. This includes not only installing tanks, trenching, laying inlet and outlet lines, inspection and final cover up but also securing all the necessary permits beforehand. They are well accustomed to working with developers, commercial property owners, local health departments and others throughout Central Ohio and maintaining good relationships and communications with all parties.

But what if a chamber, sand filter, or other less common septic system is a better fit for your soil type or for your anticipated usage? They'll handle that installation as well. The team at Larry Dore & Associates is a full-service septic installation company and prides itself on offering all the necessary up-to-date information and guidance to help their clients choose the best systems for their applications.

Septic System Maintenance Services

A properly installed septic system can last for decades but only if it is equally well maintained. This is why if you hire Larry Dore & Associates for an original septic system installation, it only makes sense to keep them on for regular maintenance checkups.

As a professional septic service provider, Larry Dore & Associates will inspect your tank and overall system regularly, typically once every three years but also more frequently if you have an alternative type of system with pumps or other mechanical components. They'll note any telltale signs of strain on your system such as slow draining activity in your house, unusual odors, or if your lawn near your leach field has become soggy in areas. Most importantly, they'll make good recommendations and maintain accurate records of their observations.

Of course, good maintenance starts first with good advice, and the team at Larry Dore & Associates is always generous with sharing knowledge about how to keep septic systems operating optimally and how to protect the environment while doing so.

Septic System Repair Services

There are any number of issues that can cause problems for a septic system. Sometimes, particularly in commercial operations where not everyone is familiar with what can and cannot be flushed down a toilet, items that can clog or damage pipes make their way into the system. Water might not be used efficiently, putting a strain on the system. Older tanks may develop cracks or leaks. In some cases, a leach field will become clogged or completely fail requiring a secondary field be installed or utilized.

Whatever the challenges, Larry Dore & Associates is always ready and willing to address and rectify the problems. They have trained technicians, the right equipment, and ample experience to see and determine problems and make the necessary repairs quickly.

Larry Dore & Associates for Septic System Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Whether you need a new septic system, maintenance or repair, Larry Dore & Associates is the name to remember in the Central Ohio area. A full-service, licensed, and insured company, their team treats every client like family. Call them, and they'll do the same for you.