Larry Dore and Associates-Concrete Contractor in Columbus, Ohio.

Larry Dore and Associates is invested in the central Ohio communities they serve. And that especially includes the populous midwestern city of Columbus. Take a drive through its many unique neighborhoods and you're sure to find driveways, patios, and various concrete hardscapes built by their company that give each of the properties a nicer, more appealing look.

And while many people might see concrete contracting as a dusty, dirty job, the crew at Larry Dore & Associates envisions it to make dreams come true. Whether you're looking to fulfill your dream of a new driveway, patio, walkway, or attractive garden wall at your Columbus, Ohio home and need a reliable, trustworthy concrete contractor to make it a reality, look no further than Larry Dore and Associates.

Dreaming of a new driveway?

Not every home was meant to be served by boring, black asphalt. That's why they made concrete! And with so many decorative options available, this concrete contractor can give your Columbus home the curb appeal you deserve. You can choose a single color. Go with plain, smooth concrete. Or for extra pizazz, you can opt for a stamped-concrete single or multi-pattern design that truly catches the eye. Whatever your choice, you can rely on Larry Dore & Associates for quality, professional workmanship.

Pining for a patio that pops?

Larry Dore and Associates can make it happen! Stamped concrete is also an option here, but... perhaps you've dined somewhere where the concrete below your feet displayed a lovely mix of granite, pebbles, Riverstone or recycled glass in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. It's called exposed aggregate, and it makes for a striking patio surface that might be worth looking into. Durable and slip-resistant, it's also easy to maintain and eco-friendly. Call the company for a free quote.

Heart set on an attractive hardscape?

Are you looking to extend your functional outdoor space? Do you need a safe, attractive walkway around your pool or through your flower gardens? Would a concrete retaining wall enhance your property and make it safer? Are you simply tired of weeding unnecessary areas?

If you know your Columbus, Ohio home needs something but are not sure where to start, Larry Dore & Associates can offer some terrific ideas that will work for your personal space and perhaps get you outside the house a bit more, particularly in the warm summer months. Give them a call, and they'll give you some suggestions.

Why Contract with Larry Dore & Associates?

As stated previously, Larry Dore & Associates is invested in the communities they serve. They've been providing reliable, skilled concrete services in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding central Ohio communities for over three decades. And they have the equipment and people power get the job done.

Larry Dore & Associates has been building a reputation for trustworthiness one driveway, one patio, one walkway, and one hardscape at a time. And they'd be honored to gain your trust as well. When you're looking to make a remarkable change to your property, contact Larry Dore & Associates for a free estimate.