Contact Larry Dore & Associates for general contracting services including excavation services, concrete services, and commercial snow removal services, in Morrow County, Ohio!

So, do you need construction and property maintenance from a reliable, highly skilled contractor? Then you need Larry Dore & Associates. We take great pride in serving our clients in Morrow County. Over the years, we have become the top choice for concrete construction, excavation, septic system installations, lawn landscaping and snow removal services.

Concrete Construction, Excavation and Septic Systems

If you’re looking for concrete services, we can help. We work with our customers to take their project from the start all the way across the finish line. We can excavate concrete as well as install it. Projects such as a new driveway, pond, septic tank installation and drain line services are all part of our services.

Why hire multiple contractors for a single project? With our team, you know what you’re getting upfront, and you have a trusted partner to guide you through the process. Rather than hiring individual companies to dig, to set water and electrical lines, to set sewer lines, and to install new concrete foundations, you can do all of this and more with us.

Lawn Landscaping and Snow Removal

We also offer a wide variety of lawn landscaping services and snow removal services. Spring, summer, and fall are beautiful months in Ohio, but the grass, weeds, flowers, and other shrubbery love to grow quickly. Our lawn landscaping services include cutting grass, weeding, trimming shrubs and maintaining flowers.

When it becomes chilly outside and snow piles up, you want someone with top-grade tools to come out and clear that snow off your driveway and roads. This is particularly important for those who have long or winding driveways. Instead of risking injury by doing it all yourself, you can come to us, and we will safely and cleanly take care of all your snow. No ice will be left behind either with our salting equipment. You can freely come and go to your property without worry. We also specialize in commercial snow removal and snowplowing along roads, highways, and business lots.

Why Choose Larry Dore & Associates?

We focus exclusively on offering high-quality general contracting services with a commitment to getting the job done, and not just done but getting the job done well. Our team of professionals have a technical skill set and a client-centric approach that allows them to complete work efficiently and effectively.

Moreover, their track record in Morrow County speaks volumes. Thousands of happy customers have spoken about the company’s craftsmanship, dedication to positive results and kind workers. You won’t find more reliable, hard-working, and capable workers.

If you’re in Morrow County, Ohio, you can’t go wrong with Larry Dore & Associates. They are the professionals for your general contracting needs. From excavation services and concrete services to residential and commercial snow removal services, Larry Dore & Associates is there for you.