3 Reasons to Contact Larry Dore and Associates for General Contracting Services in Licking County, Ohio!

When people don’t have any contracting projects planned for the winter, they often feel that they have no need for the services of a general contractor like Larry Dore and Associates. That’s not the case though.

The temperatures are freezing, but there are still plenty of reasons to hire a general contractor. Read the list provided below. Here are just three of the compelling reasons to hire a general contractor during the winter months.

Commercial Snow Removal

When storms blow through during the winter, they can leave commercial sidewalks and parking lots covered in snow and ice. Unfortunately, snow and ice do more than create inconveniences. Snow and ice can also create hazardous conditions for commercial businesses.

That’s where a general contractor like Larry Dore and Associates becomes beneficial. Commercial snow removal services keep sidewalks and parking lots clean and clear during the winter months. This creates a safer environment for customers and reduces liability issues for business owners. Larry Dore and Associates also provide snow removal for local roads. That way, roads stay clear throughout the winter.

Excavating Services

Excavation is something that needs to follow specific safety standards. Without the right equipment and experience, excavation projects can create serious hazards. When people have excavation projects, they need to hire a professional service.

Larry Dore and Associates can provide safe and professional excavation services. And, because they’re a general contractor service, they’ll also ensure the right permits for all excavation projects.

Concrete Services

When concrete work needs to be done during the winter months, measures need to be taken to avoid damage caused by freezing temperatures. That’s where a general contractor like Larry Dore and Associates becomes beneficial.

Larry Dore and Associates will take the necessary precautions to prevent temperature-related damage to your concrete projects. They’ll also provide quality results that people need for their concrete projects.

When people need snow removal, or concrete and excavation services, they owe it to themselves to call the professionals. Larry Dore and Associates handle all commercial snow removal services. They’re also available to provide quality results for all commercial and residential excavation and concrete services.