Why You Need Larry Dore & Associates for Excavation Services in Central Ohio

Excavation projects involve many moving parts and require specialized equipment and expertise. Doing it as a DIY project comes with a lot of risks that could result in harm or wasted money.

While some might think hiring a professional company will bring additional project costs, below are benefits clients will enjoy by hiring Larry Dore & Associates for their excavation projects.

Expertise And Experience

Having been operational for a long time, Larry Dore & Associates has worked with numerous clients with different project specifications in terms of size, complexity, location, and schedule. That has given them extensive experience in handling projects of any nature, delivering results that meet clients' specifications.

Before hiring professionals for any job, they conduct thorough interviews and examinations to ensure they have the necessary in-depth knowledge about excavation. They look at their papers and ask about previous experience. They also give the new employees a few tests to see how efficient they are.

Top-Notch Equipment

When clients think of tackling an excavation project themselves, they must think about acquiring the specialized equipment required for the project. That requires a lot of money, and they must think about space to store the equipment during the project duration.

However, with Larry Dore & Associates professionals, clients don't have to worry about any of that. The company has a fleet of equipment to handle different projects. They have a team that regularly maintains and repairs them to maintain optimum performance and lifespan. They also update the equipment to the latest in the market to harness technology, which helps improve performance.

Time And Cost Savings

When doing DIY excavation work, there are numerous ways clients can use up more money and time than they thought you would save. First, the cost to hire or purchase equipment which might be wrong, meaning the clients need to re-hire or re-purchase.

There are also high chances of making mistakes, meaning the individual will spend more time and money redoing the project or hiring professionals to correct their errors.

With the right high-tech equipment, expertise, and extensive experience, Larry Dore & Associates professionals know what it takes to complete a project correctly and on time, depending on the client's schedule.

Since they have been in the industry for a long time, they have connections with suppliers who sell materials and equipment at lower prices. That way, they transfer the cost savings to clients, who can also enjoy discounts and deals depending on their service requirements and when they reach out.


Larry Dore & Associates' expertise and experience allow them to secure the workplace to ensure safety for their employees and clients. They also have safety gear like goggles, overalls, and gloves.

In addition, they understand how to operate the machinery and heavy equipment without incidents. The company also has general liability and employee compensation insurance policies to protect clients and their employees from any accidents during the project.

Service Versatility

Working with Larry Dore & Associates means clients can get more than excavation services. The professionals also handle trenching, pond building, demolition services, drain installations, gas line installations, concrete footer projects, water line installations, and electrical system installations.

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Excavation projects require careful planning plus the right equipment for efficiency and safety. Save money, time, and energy by contacting Larry Dore & Associates today for excavation services regardless of size or complexity.